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A Christmas Carol
- Center Rep-
Understudy Marley/ Old Joe
Dec 8th - 22nd 

After an unfortunate illness in the cast, I was called upon to step into a track in the show that I have long admired: Jacob Marley and Old Joe.

 This proved a challenging but rewarding undertaking and I was honored to steward the roles during this challenging time for the production.

Dir. Scott Denison

-Center Rep-
Cop (U/S Plum and Mustard)
October 29th - November 20th 
I first saw the Johnathan Lynn film adaptation of CLUE as a child and it proved to be an major influence on my love of mysteries, farce, and Tim Curry.
I also served as an Understudy to several roles and Fight Captain during the production.
Directed by Nancy Carlin


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