Peter Pan
- Solano Repertory-
Starkey, Nana, Smee US
Nov 5th-22nd, 2009

Assistant Director, Actor in multiple roles, Dance Captain, Fight Director, Understudy. I ended up doing a lot in this show. Elly Nominated for best supporting adult actor in a youth production.

The Producers
- Solano College Theatre-
Oct 1st-18th, 2009

Quick Story... back in 1999. I was taken to see a production of “Little Shop of Horrors” at the newly built harbor theatre in Downtown Suisun. Watching the “Dentist” and “Seymour” tell such a frightening, funny, and moving story, deeeply influenced my young mind. I wanted to perform, act, tell stories and entertain. Fast forward to 10 years later when I get cast in “The Producers”. A production directed and starring Ken Sonkin, and Brian Herndon. The actors who portrayed the “Dentist” and “Seymour” in that production a decade ago that led me on this gypsys journey. Talk about “full circle”

Much Ado About Nothing
-Solano College Theatre-
Aug 20th-Sept 13th, 2009

My first Shakespeare show since elementary school. Carla Spindt directed 2 casts in an extended run, performing the bards classic comedy in both the Harbor theatre and outdoors On the Suisun waterfront. “ARTY” Nominated, Best supporting actor in a Comedy

How To Succeed...
-Solano College Theatre-
Mr Gatch / Ensemble
March 26th–April 11th, 2009

My first musical! Directed by Dianna Schuster.


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