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Anita Bryant Died For...
Anita Bryant Died for your Sins
- New Conservatory Theatre Center-
Horace Poore
Sept 17th-Oct 24th, 2010

In my first show after graduating from ATP. I play an upstate New York teenager in this “coming out”/“coming of age” story by Brian Christopher Williams. The New Conservatory Theatre Center has given me a gift in one of the most substantial, challenging roles I’ve acted in. A 20 year old 6 foot young man playing a 15 year old boy.

Thoroughly Modern Millie
Thoroughly Modern Millie
- Solano College Theatre-
Jimmy Smith
May 13th-30th, 2010

Directed By Edward Hightower for Solano College Theatre, I get to play my first romantic lead, "Jimmy". I get a song named after me! Fantastic experience, a great send off from my last semester in ATP.

Bye Bye Birdie
Bye Bye Birdie
-Solano College Theatre-
Adult Ensemble
Jan 14th-31st, 2010

Such a fun show. I sang in the quartet in "Baby, Talk to Me", backing up John Rivard. So many great friends in this incredible musical, and the end product shows through. Collaborations need friendly faces.

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