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A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol
- Center Rep-
Young Scrooge / Marlette
Dec 12th - 22nd, 2013 

Center Rep's production of "A Christmas Carol" has been a tradition for years. I feel incredibly honored to be a part of the cast this year. I am definitely a minority amoung a cast that has done this show annually for over 10 years. And I can already tell this production is magical. Sure to be deeply touching and delightful! "Fill the mead cup and drain the barrel."

- Missouri Street Theatre-
Oct 10th - Nov 25th, 2013

I played Tulsa, at Missouri Street Theatre in my home town of Fairfield. This was the biggest dance role I've undertaken. Very fun process with an amazing cast and crew! I have never sweated so much in my life. "All I need is a Towel"

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman
-42nd Street Moon-
Rinaldo Grimaldi
19 September - 5 October, 2014

In this fantastic, rarely-produced musical take on the "Man of Steel", I played Rinaldo Grimaldi of the Amazing Grimaldi brothers acrobats. Great Fun, full of 60's dances, intricate stage combat. So much fun with old friends and new! Directed By Dyan McBride, for 42nd Street Moon.

Reefer Madness
Reefer Madness - The Musical
-San Jose Stage-
June 8th-July 25th , 2013

I'm in the ensemble this time for one of my favorite shows. It's also my first show in the South Bay. The cast is hilarious, and the costumes are "tiny". I can't wait til opening night!

The Cherry Orchard
The Cherry Orchard
-Eugene O'Neill Foundation-
May 6th, 2013

Finally, I have the opportunity to be directed by my teacher, George Maguire. Performed in Eugene O'Neill's Barn, with a cast of Bay Area Equity all-stars! One day of rehearsal and then staged Checkov for the masses!

The Farnsworth Invention
-42nd Street Moon-
(Horrible Henry, Margueritte)
April 3rd-21st, 2013

I’m back with “42nd St Moon”, in classic story of love magic... and puppets! This show has me wearing many hats as musician, dancer, actor and puppeteer for multiple characters. I never thought I’d be playing a woman, a walrus, and the accordian all in one show.

The Farnsworth Invention
-Town Hall Theatre-
Philo T. Farnsworth
Feb 7th- March 2nd, 2013

Jeff Draper and I “face off” as two men battling each other over the invention of the first commercial television system. The script was written by Aaron Sorkin and Directed by Joel Roster for Town Hall theatre in Lafayette, CA.

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