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The Little Mermaid
Disney's The Little Mermaid 
-Lucky Penny Productions-
In my first show back from lockdown, I played multiple characters, including the young lovesick fish, Flounder. With a cast of nine, and a theatrical storytelling concept, this production was such a rewarding experience and  a great excuse to work with my friend up in Napa.
Directed by Scottie Watson


William Shakespeare's Tragical History of
-Masquers Playhouse-
Ernest Frankenstein
January 29th 
While William Shakespeare has long been my favorite writers, during the Covid Pandemic, I became more familiar with the ever-expanding world of Shakespearian adaptations. Namely, the pop-iambic adaptations of Ian Doescher.
This "radio-drama" style production was recorded remotely while all performers and crew here at home during lockdown.
All episodes available now...
Directed by Angelina LaBarre


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